About my style

My photographs are often described as “dark and moody.” I truly love darkness and have always been drawn to it as a quiet inner space without distraction. Many people fear the dark and experience it as sad or scary but I find it calm and full of wonder.  

The light in my photographs are a safe path into and out of the darkness. If you follow the light, you can become more deeply present always knowing you can leave at any time. I use the light as my guide. Darkness allows me to experience things deep within myself with more of a knowing than a seeing. The light brings those internal things to life. Beauty is what joins the two worlds together.

my Process

My process is deeply personal and intuitive. I take most of my photographs in the early morning hours just as the sun is rising. I love the quiet beauty at that time of day along with the feeling of hope and possibilities. I’ll often go outdoors in the garden or into the forest and find whatever catches my eye. I always begin with something from nature that calls my attention. 

My set up is very simple and I only use natural light. I try to keep the process as meditative and silent as possible to allow myself to get lost in the beauty. Later in the day when I look at the photos it can almost feel as if the whole thing was a dream.