I grew up in a city in the South in a time when children were given plenty of freedom to roam and play outdoors. Some of my favorite childhood memories include exploring a hidden creek, sneaking into abandoned gardens and empty lots where wildflowers had taken over. I’ve always loved and am still drawn to secret places where I can let my imagination go wild. 

Growing up in North Carolina I was immersed in a rich tradition of crafts. I have a deep love of everything handmade and have spent much of my life as a maker. I’ve been a weaver, a spinner, natural dyer, craft co-op founder and member, clothing designer and manufacturer, avid gardener and landscaper, local food consumer and advocate. All of these paths have contributed to my approach to photography. 

Now I live in the Pacific Northwest and split my time between city dweller in Seattle and islander on Orcas Island, one of the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State. I feel blessed to have the best of both worlds - a rich creative life and hours spent close to nature, my greatest source of inspiration. 


My photography is all taken in natural light, mostly early morning, my favorite time of day. I often use light to draw the viewer into the realm of darkness where I find great beauty and mystery. Through my images I’m recording a brief personal moment in time. Whether I bring elements indoors, shoot on site or with a model, I’m guided by instinct and whatever I find in nature that moves me that day. My props are often small, subtle and seasonal. I include only what is most essential in conveying my contemplative mood.